Open House

An invitation to discover IRCAM’s technological applications and research, to test augmented instruments, gesture-sound interactions, vocal transformations, 3D sound, and more. The invention of playing: discover new professions connected to digital practices and test objects born of the imagination of artists and researchers on the place Stravinsky as well as in IRCAM’s labs and studios. Conferences, technology demonstrations, artistic performances, encounters with the researchers, and the discovery of the plurality and diversity at IRCAM today.

Maquette de l'Ircam

Maquette de l’Ircam


  • 3:30, 5:30 | Concert
    Daniel Ciampolini percussions
    IRCAM Computer Music Design Frédéric Voisin
    Steve Reich Clapping music
    Daniel Ciampolini Du sable, de l’air et de l’eau
    Iannis Xenakis Psappha
  • 4:00, 6:00 | Installation Ping-Song


Stravinsky Room
Science and technology conferences
An overview of the research teams: recent work and new horizons

  • 3:30 | Composition, Improvisation, interaction with manchines
    Presenter: Gérard Assayag
  • 4:30 | Sound Analysis and Synthesis
    Presenter: Axel Roebel
  • 5:30 | Interaction Sound Music Movement
    Presenter: Frédéric Bevilacqua
  • 6:30 | Sound Spaces: A Technological Panorama
    Presenter: Olivier Warusfel


Nono Room
Information Desk Educational Programs

Learn about the programs developed by the department of Education and Cultural Outreach during the academic year.

Paysages composés, discover six sound installations in different locations throughout IRCAM. The installations were created by the students in the interior design program at the Lycée Chérioux in Vitry-sur-Seine during the Artistic and Cultural Education program. Inspired by Tania Mouraud’s installation Ad Nauseam at MAC/VAL, the students rethought the notion of space in its sonorous dimension using recordings of their daily environment and audio processing techniques.

Élèves dans le cadre du Parcours d'éducation artistique et culturelle

Élèves dans le cadre du Parcours d’éducation artistique et culturelle


Shannon Room
Sciences and Technology Conferences

  • 3:30 | Operation of Musical Instruments and Associated Technologies
    Presenters: Joël Bensoam et Adrien Mamou-Mani
  • 4:30 | Analyzing the Creative Process
    Presenters: Nicolas Donin et Alain Bonardi
  • 5:30 | The Perception of Sounds for Sound Design Applications
    Presenters: Patrick Susini et Nicolas Misdariis
  • 6:30 | The Professions of IRCAM
    Presenters: Geoffroy Peeters, researcher (6:30), Julien Aléonard, sound engineer (7:00) and Serge Lemouton, computer-music designer (7:30)
En pleine séance de travail dans un studio de l'Ircam

En pleine séance de travail dans un studio de l’Ircam


  • 3:00 | Moving Musical Performance
  • 3:00—9:00 | Web Audio Applications

Offices, Labs and Studios
Demonstrations and Encounters with the Research Teams


  • A202 | Smart Guitar
  • A205 | Musical Indexation
  • A206 | Sound Signal Processing Informed by Physical Models
  • A216 | Computer Music
  • A23 | Analysis, Synthesis, and Representation of the Voice and Music
  • A24 | Studies and Experiments in Psychology and Sound Design
  • A27 | Instrumentale Acoustics
  • Anéchoïque Room
  • Studio 1 | 3D Sound Spatialization
  • Studio 3 | Virtual Choir
  • Studio 4 | Virtual Reality – 3D Visual-Auditive Immersion
Chambre anéchoïque de l'Ircam

Chambre anéchoïque de l’Ircam

Studio 5
Demonstrations and Performances

  • 3:30 | Presentations of the IRCAM Tools Software
  • 4:30 | Concert – Mixed Music Program
  • 5:30 | Collective Sound Checks
  • 6:30 | Interactif Karaoke
Collective Sound Checks

Collective Sound Checks


Espace de projection – Foyer

  • Interactive Installation Collective Loops
  • 3:30 | Musical Workshop

The research carried out at IRCAM is carried out in the context of the mixed research lab STMS (Sciences et technologies de la musique et du son)


An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou production. A part of the 6th edition of the Nouveau festival Air de jeu (April 15– July 20). With the support of the CNRS, the Mairie de Paris and the Sacem.