Institut français FOCUS

From June 10th till 14th 2015, l’Institut Français will organise the first Focus dedicated to contemporary music, in the framework of ManiFeste, IRCAM’s yearly festival. 50 foreign professionals from various countries will be invited in Paris, to experience the fertility and diversity of French musical creation.

Initiated by l’Institut français, in association with their partners – IRCAM, Futurs Composés, SACEM, the City of Paris, ONDA and Bureau Export –, the Focus aims to promote the French contemporary music artists to foreign professionals (festivals and concert halls artistic directors, promoters, etc). The goal is to foster professional exchanges and collaborations, to facilitate the international development of French musicians. Priority will be given to emerging artists – composers and ensembles – currently developing their international career. The invitation of music professionals from various countries will be supported by the French cultural network abroad (French Embassies, Instituts français, Alliances françaises).

Foreign professionals taking part in this Focus will be offered the opportunity to discover French emerging artists (ensembles, orchestras, composers) through a selection of concerts from ManiFeste, but also in several venues programming contemporary music in Paris, including the newly opened Paris Philharmony. They will be able to meet artists and their management through conferences, round-tables and speed-meeting sessions. Several new pieces by emerging and confirmed composers will be put forward, and several ensembles will make presentations about their forthcoming projects, in partnership with Futurs Composés and SACEM. Meetings with French programmers will be co-organised with ONDA, in order to help organising coproductions.

The Focus will also put forward the high quality work made by IRCAM and the French National Centres for Musical Creation in musical softwares, conceiving digital tools to support the composers’ work. IRCAM will offer the opportunity to visit their studios, and the National Centres for Musical Creation will present premieres from their composers in residence.

Concerts will include premieres by Laurent Cuniot, Michaël Levinas, and other composers from IRCAM and the National Centers for Musical Creation, with ensembles such as TM+, Ars Nova, Le Balcon, ONCEIM orchestra…

Co-organised with the Mairie de Paris, Futurs Composés, réseau national de la création musicale, the SACEM, ONDA and Bureau Export.

Création : SendesaStudio