Georgia Spiropoulos

Has the antique mask become a virtual mask? In Les Bacchantes the vocalist Médéric Collignon incarnates several characters from Euripides’ tragedy about the return of Dionysus to Thebes. The exploration of vocal and instrumental techniques contributes to the theatricalization. Georgia Spiropoulos looks at the relationship between orality and writing, incorporating world music, improvisation, pre-rock, and the oral dimension of written music. “I wanted to start with the “beginning” of the voice: phonation, register, vibratory space and modes, vocal timbre, breathing, articulation. Médéric Collignon and I began a phase of vocal and experimental investigation.” Today, the scene from the Bacchantes is preceded by two creations with instrumentation—harp and timbales—that looks, by analogy, towards ancient Greece.

Médéric Collignon dans Les Bacchantes

Médéric Collignon dans Les Bacchantes

Médéric Collignon voice
Hélène Breschand harp
Ars Nova ensemble instrumental
Isabelle Cornélis, Elisa Humanes timbales
Lighting Design Arnaud Jung
Director Georgia Spiropoulos
IRCAM Computer Music Design José Miguel Fernandez, Thomas Goepfer

GEORGIA SPIROPOULOS Membranes, commissioned by Ars Nova ensemble instrumental Premiere; Roll… n’Roll…n’Roll, commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou et Radio France Premiere of the final version; Les Bacchantes, Opera Brut, based on Euripides

An IRCAM/Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou coproduction. With the support of the Sacem.

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