A festival and multidisciplinary academy, an open house to discover innovation and surfacing creation, ManiFeste-2015 is an invitation to cross world-works liberated from contemporary formats. The spherical time of Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s Requiem, an immense shattered tableau of the 20th century, the infinite spiral of Répons by Pierre Boulez, a series of falls in La Métamorphose by Michaël Levinas… Having a singular experience of time, is to live the installation by Daniele Ghisi or the vast orchestral triptych by Philippe Hurel. The escapism of the world-work is found in the alliance between orality and writing —Fado errático by Stefano Gervasoni— or between performance and technology—In vivo workshops by Christian Rizzo, Daniel Jeanneteau, and Guy Cassiers. A manifest where music, the art of simultaneity by excellence, bears the clamor of the present.


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Quand les créateurs français parlent aux programmateurs étrangers | Qobuz
2 July
Du 10 au 14 juin 2015, l’Institut français a organisé le premier Focus consacré à la musique contemporaine. Une opération de repérage qui s’est déroulée dans le cadre de Manifeste, le festival annuel de l’Ircam.


Michael Jarrell
2 July
Isabelle Faust, a musician of exception. From a concerto for violin to the premiere of "La Belle au bois dormant". Transmission: The Academy.


2 July
Ivan Fedele learned to play piano with Bruno Canino at the Giuseppe Verdi conservatory in Milan, where he graduated in 1972. He then studied composition with Renato Dionisi and Azio Corghi in Milan and with Franco Donatoni in Rome.
Création : SendesaStudio