Rendezvous: Dawnlight/Night: Light, June 19

Alban Richard first encountered dance while studying music and literature. He was originally selected by Karine Saporta at the CCN de Caen (1996-1998), before dancing for different chorographers including Odile Duboc (2002-2010), Olga de Soto (2006-2008), and Rosalind Crisp (2008-2009).

Alban Richard © Agathe Poupeney /

Alban Richard © Agathe Poupeney /

In 1999, his work/performance Come out, duo set to the eponymous music of Steve Reich, established the foundation of his universe. The same year, the piece Blood Roses for 8 dancers set to Purell’s Suites for Harpsichord premiered. In 2000, he created the Abrupt ensemble and the performance -Häftling- for 8 dancers and 3 muisicans. In 2002, he choreographed and danced Sous surveillance, a solo with live commentary by the movement analyst Nathalie Schulmann, in interaction with the music of Laurent Perrier and lighting design by Valérie Sigward.

With Downfall (2004) and disperse (2005) his signature style emerged: a process-based choreography, woven from several scores—for dance, music, lighting, and costumes—that converge toward a conceptual and aesthetic unity. Alban Richard created as far as followed by the solo A Conspiracy in 2008. Trois Études de séparation (2007-2009) is composed of Lointain – Luisance – Lacis, intersecting all Richard’s exes of research while combining an extremely precise and rhythmic choreographic writing with differentiated states of the body.

In 2009, IRCAM commissioned him to create the piece With my limbs in the dark, a solo set to music by Paul Clift. Pléiades, a piece for 6 dancers and 6 muisicans from the Percussions de Strasbourg set to music by Iannis Xenakis premiered in June 2011 during the festival Montpellier Danse. In 2012, Alban Richard carried out a second collaboration with IRCAM: Night: Light written with the composer Raphaël Cendo.

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