Rhapsodie démente

Premiere 2015

The project 2014-2018 initiated by François Verret is a vast itinerant lab that passes through Paris, Grenoble, and Strasbourg. In 2015, Rhapsodie démente surfaces with its freewheeling protagonists, enabling the unrestricted performance of “associative drifts”: a unique story collides with History, subjectivities are in agreement and disagreement. A montage of tableaux vivants, vocal trenches, acoustic and optical landscapes, memory loss, and the invention of a new language…. In this fierce and ironic vision of the last century’s inheritance, François Verret exercises interdisciplinary, where the body and voice, theater, dance and improvisation are engaged. Several ghosts loom up from this saturated horizon, this line in the story of fathers soon pulverized by feminine figures. “Where to start? Everything cracks, heaves, and is dislocated. The sky is buzzing with metaphors.” (Osip Mandelstam)

Rhapsodie démente © Jean Louis Fernandez

Rhapsodie démente © Jean Louis Fernandez

Director François Verret
Set Design Vincent Gadras
Music Jean-Pierre Drouet, Marc Sens
Costumes Laure Mahéo
Mannequin, Mask Anne Leray
Sound Manu Léonard
Images Claire Roygnan
Lights Nicolas Barraud
Construction Ateliers de la MC2 : Grenoble
IRCAM Computer Music Collaboration Grégory Beller
With Jean-Pierre Drouet, Charline Grand, Natacha Kouznetsova, Germana Civera, Jean-Christophe Paré, Chiharu Mamiya, Marc Sens, François Verret

Encounter with François Verret following the performance on June 4

Executive producer MC2 : Grenoble. A MC2: Grenoble, Pôle Sud-Centre de développement chorégraphique (en préfiguration)/Strasbourg, IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Théâtre national de Bretagne-Centre européen de production théâtrale et chorégraphique, L’apostrophe scène nationale Cergy-Pontoise et du Val D’Oise, Le Manège de Reims scène nationale, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, Centre de création et de production, Compagnie FV coproduction. With the support of the SACD. The compagnie FV is supported by the DRAC Ile-de-France and the Ile-de-France region. François Verret is an associated artist with the MC2: Grenoble, in residency at the Pôle Sud-Centre de développement chorégraphique (en préfiguration)/Strasbourg.