Orchestre National de Jazz Olivier Benoit

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A sort of nomadic “work in progress” that has been a common thread throughout his mandate as the head of the ONJ (2014-2017), Olivier Benoit offers his program EUROPA, a series of “city portraits”, a subjective look at the kaleidoscope that is the contemporary European musical landscape. After Paris and Berlin, the ONJ presents the third stop along its ambitious voyage. Dedicated to Rome, this new chapter explores the territories of contemporary music. Olivier Benoit called upon two composers for this project, a Frenchman—Benjamin de la Fuente—and an Italian—Andrea Agostini. Two composers from the same generation, both lovers of Rome, that reflect a leaning in contemporary music, a part of a current artistic trend that uses unconventional approaches: improvisation, use of diverse musical materials, collaborative approaches for certain projects, a fixed look at performance.

Orchestre National de Jazz © Denis Rouvre

Orchestre National de Jazz © Denis Rouvre

Andrea Agostini & Benjamin de la Fuente compositions

Olivier Benoit Artistic Director, guitar
Jean Dousteyssier clarinets
Alexandra Grimal tenor and soprano saxophones
Hugues Mayot alto saxophone
Fidel Fourneyron trombone
Fabrice Martinez trumpet
Théo Ceccaldi violin
Sophie Agnel piano
Paul Brousseau keyboards
Sylvain Daniel electric bass
Éric Echampard drums

Program premiered during a residence at the Filarmonica Romana in June 2015.