ManiFeste Festival Preview: An Experience With Time

In it, clamor; through it, multiple forms of time. Music, an “art of time” could represent the simultaneity by excellence. This hypothesis can be found throughout IRCAM’s festival and brings life to the installation by Daniele Ghisi, An experiment with time, inspired by the book by John W. Dunne. An aeronautical engineer, philosopher, and fly-fishing lover, John W. Dunne published An Experiment with Time in 1927, the same year Heidegger published Sein und Zeit. In Dunne’s book, the past and future coexist, premonitory dreams that refer to neither the past nor the future.

The young Italian composer and mathematician Daniele Ghisi has decided to board this curious time-dilating machine. How can we escape from the idea or illusion of an irreversible temporal flux? Through an alias projected on the screens and through electronic databases, several series fit in this installation-a day, a year, a lifetime, each considered to be a polyrhythm. The philosopher Elie During and Daniele Ghisi invite us to carry out an experiment with time during this preview of the ManiFeste festival.

Elie During, philosopher and connoisseur of sound poetry and contemporary art is “fascinated” by the project Experience with Time. During’s forthcoming publication Temps flottants (lit. Floating Time) is a reflection on the boundaries of philosophy, cinema, art, and of daily life to give another image of our existence contemporary with time where we must learn to organize this dispersed attention, to navigate in this space-time made up of simultaneities and co-existences, to have the experience of a thick, multilayered present. In other words, to “float”.

An Experiment With Time © Daniele Ghisi

An Experiment With Time © Daniele Ghisi

8pm | solo, duo and trio reading
with Daniele Ghisi (composer), Elie During (philosopher), Frank Madlener (Ircam)

Preceded (from 7:30pm) and followed by An Experiment With Time
Sound and Video Installation Daniele Ghisi
Inspired by the Eponymous Book by John W. Dunne
Commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and the Divertimento ensemble Premiere

Storyline & Script Daniele Ghisi, Luigi Acerbi, Paolo Puggioni
Script Assistant Maryam Babaei
Video Assistant Luca Morino
Graphic Advisor Davide Bordogna
The Experiment cards are drawn by Luca Nava
Photo credits Miroslav Barták, From Old Books, Karl Jahnke
Copies of the Illustrated London News shoLondon News/Mary Evans Picture Library
Audio credits Tebblofang, empraetorius, HollowRiku, lucaslara, nebulousflynn, exterminat, Omar Alvarado, RutgerMuller, Runey, SunnySideSound
Additional thanks to Mattia Bergomi, Sylvain Cadars, Aaron Einbond, Carla Felotti, Maria Giulia Ganassini, Boris Labbé, Virgilio Maffeis and family, Yann Philippe, Andrea Rota, Christopher Trapani, Paul Slocum et Vincenzo Picariello

Ircam-Centre Pompidou production. Co-realized with the Maison de la Poésie

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