IRCAM to Futur en Seine

IRCAM will be present in the Village des innovations at Futur en Seine for four days of presentations and personalized demonstrations on the institute’s activities in research and education.

The Made in IRCAM program, situated between art, science, and digital education, led by the institute’s teams, will let you see the current research being carried out on music and sound, professional products, artistic applications, and digital tools accessible to the general public.


  • The latest technological innovations from IRCAM’s R&D department and their applications in a wide range of domains: audio, video games, web audio, signal processing, video, etc.
  • Professional training programs: classes from beginner to advanced levels on software for musical creation and sound design. University-level programs: Cursus I and II, Doctorate in research in composition intended for young artists, Master’s degree in sound design, ATIAM Master’s degree program for scientists
  • Forumnet: a web platform that provides exclusive access to technologies, an online community, and events (IRCAM Forum Workshops)
  • IRCAM’s activities: concerts, workshops, trainings
Studio de l'Ircam

Studio de l’Ircam