A live interactive experience

Chloé has composed a live performance for the Fête de la musique using new web audio technologies, fresh from the IRCAM research labs.

Inspired by these new possibilities, the artist has imagined a new and interactive sound experience: sounds travel from her machines to your smartphones. Take part in the concert by launching collective musical sequences with your phone!

Listen, play!

Test your phone from May 28

Chloé à l'Ircam © Ircam

Chloé at IRCAM © IRCAM

chloe-logoMusical Creation Chloé
IRCAM Research Team (Sound-Music-Movement Interaction) Norbert Schnell, Sébastien Robaszkiewicz, Jean-Philippe Lambert, Benjamin Matuszewski
IRCAM Sound Engineer Joachim Olaya

Coproduction: IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, KTDJS, French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
The web audio used in this performance are developed as a part of the CoSiMa (Collaborative Situated Media) and Wave research projects (Web Audio Visualisation and Editing) supported by the Agence nationale de la recherche, and coordonated by IRCAM.