Rendezvous: Ensemble TM+, June 13

Laurent Cuniot is one of the rare French musicians to have a double career as a composer and as a conductor. His personality as a composer has developed through several influences: initially, his activity as a violinist and then as a conductor, spectral music, and, finally, electro-acoustic music. Once a student of Guy Reibel and Pierre Schaeffer, Laurent Cuniot has followed in their footsteps and has taught composition in connection with new technologies at the au Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris for over 20 years. In parallel to this, he founded TM+ in 1986, developing the group’s artistic project and ensuring that the group became one of today’s top contemporary music orchestral ensembles.

This back-and-forth between writing and conducting naturally led to an affinity between Cuniot and his performers. His complicity with the mezzo-soprano Sylvia Vadimova prompted him to write numerous vocal works: the chamber opera Cinq pièces pour Hamlet or Spring and all for mezzo and ensemble, and of course, the opera for one voice Des pétales dans la bouche. His music, nourished by the avant-gardes of the 20th century, is inhabited by a strong expressive intent and a tenderness for the colors of sound. Laurent Cuniot’s commitment to music in the Hauts-de-Seine department, as both a composer and a conductor, led him to begin teaching his composition class at the CRR in Rueil-Malmaison again in 2013.

Laurent Cuniot © Enrico Bartolucci

Laurent Cuniot © Enrico Bartolucci

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