Rendezvous: Philippe Hurel 2, June 20

Alberto Posadas © Lucia Morate

Alberto Posadas © Lucia Morate

Born in Valladolid, Spain Alberto Posadas began his musical studies in his hometown before continuing in Madrid. In 1988, he met the composer Francisco Guerrero who Posadas considers as his veritable master. Together with Guerrero he discovered new techniques for musical form creation such as mathematical combinatorics and the fractals. Nonetheless, his determination and constant search for the integration of aesthetics in these procedures led him to employ another “model” of composing such as the translation of architectural spaces into music, the application of topology and painting techniques related to perspective or the exploration of the acoustic features of instruments at a micro level.

He explored the possibilities of electro-acoustic music developing, in a self-taught way, through various projects such as Snefru (2002), Versa est in luctum (2002), and Cuatro escenas negras (produced at IRCAM in 2009). More recently, his interest in investigating the application of movemen to the electronic transformation of sound led him to take part in a multi-disciplinary project promoted by IRCAM: Glossopoeia, premiered in collaboration with the choreographer Richard Siegal in 2009.

Since 1991, Alberto Posadas has taught analysis, harmony, and composition at the Mahadahonda conservatory in Madrid and is regularly invited to lecture in a range of contemporary music programs.

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