Rendezvous: Fado errático, June 6

At the age of 19 Cristina Branco discovered her destiny. Before then, she was interested in jazz, blues, bossa nova, and other forms of current music. Nothing in her life or studies could have predicted a future in music or singing. But an Amália Rodrigues record given to her by her grandfather opened the door to fado and its universe of emotions, menores, mourarias, and maiores.

“It is not easy to sum up songs, concerts, and the vertigo of life in 13 albums”, she writes. “Evaluating so many years of work is a thankless task. I only have glimpses of the past, moments, periods of learning, numerous joys, and innumerable memories. I am grateful to those who cried my name. I have so much love and respect for those who patiently hoped in me. I would never go back in time and, I fully admit, it was difficult to listen to everything again with the hindsight given to me by the years life has both offered and stolen. The different types of music here are snapshots of different times in my life and of my soul. What I wanted to sing (and this was always a well-respected position), the few men and women who understood me wove into what my story was (and will be) using a fragile silk thread. I still have more to tell.”

Christina Branco © Augusto Brazio

Christina Branco © Augusto Brazio

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